Saturday, April 24, 2010


I keep having bad dreams about the wedding.

Not about the amazing man I'm marrying of course.  Bad dreams about the details.

Such as:
1. I hate my dress.  (Seriously, impossible.)
2. I forgot to send out invitations and realize this small little mistake the day of the wedding.
3. I forgot to buy a a veil and/or a hair clip.  Serious bad hair day.  This cannot happen on the day of the wedding.

So today is the day to be proactive on my bad dreams
1. Dress: There is no way I could hate my dress.  Moving on. {Final dress fitting May 1!}
2. Invitations: Emailing local print shop to discuss a few design ideas today.
----> Which reminds me, did I mention Val designed fabulous Save the Dates?  Getting those printed and in the mail next week!
----> Did I also mention Mom is designing an uber-cute map to be sent with the invitations?  {See here}
3. Hair clip: Need to buy one from etsy this week.  I want it to be chunky and vintage.  Like below.

{found via etsy shop}

something blue!  {found via etsy shop}

{found via etsy shop}

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Valerie Koop said...

Those are pretty. Did you ever look at the veil/rose hair pieces from the site I am ordering Claire's from? They were supposed to be posting some bridal designs...