Wednesday, July 21, 2010

His Ring

This week I picked up Jordan's  wedding ring  from Jared's.


It felt so good leaving the store with it in my hand.  As I was walking out, I wondered how Jordan felt when he was doing the same thing with my engagement ring.

I got home and just stared at the ring for awhile.  Tried it on.  (Hey, why not?)  Then, when Jordan got off work that night I proposed.  :)  Not nearly as nerve-racking as the real proposal was for him, I'm sure.
Tonight Jordan tried the ring on again and wore it around the house for awhile.  I think he may be more excited for  August 28th than I am?

No, impossible. Though I can't wait to see that ring on his hand, either.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Groom

 Wants to buzz his head in the hotel room the night of the wedding.

Plays guitar and sings to relax.  To entertain friends and family. To de-stress.  To swoon his bride-to-be.

Hates his coffee black.  French vanilla or vanilla-caramel cream, please.

Has serious moves on the dance floor.

Is an amazing uncle.  Involved.  Funny.  Loving.  Makes me gleam when I think of the two of us having kids together.


Loves the Lord.

Makes me laugh without even saying a word.

Can talk to anyone.  Cousins-to-be, new friends in a crowd, a random in a restaurant.  Anyone.  For hours at a time.  And make them feel like his new best friend. I love this about him.

Big Buck Hunter (don't ask) is his favorite game.  Stick him in a bar with this and he'll be content all night.

Is romantic when I least expect it.

Is my soon to be husband.

Is the love of my life.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

the weather

The two-week run of 100 degree weather has me a bit worried for our  outdoor  reception in August. I'm hoping you're all not melting in the sun at 5 o'clock.  This may lead you to down a few more mojitos than you might normally.  (Maybe not such a bad thing?)

Also hoping it doesn't rain. (Don't worry, we have a backup if it does...)

Which led me to my final idea, what if it is actually a bit  chilly  later in the night?  

We might need these to stay cozy by the fire pit.
Found at ikea for $3.49 per throw!  (A steal, I know!)  Thinking I could tie a cute ribbon and tag around these and display in a basket for the ladies!

Friday, July 16, 2010


Ah, fellow blog readers! I'm amazed you're still reading, I have seriously slacked on blogging the past month.  Been a bit busy with Mr. and Mrs. Godber, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, and Mr. and Mrs. Iversen's weddings.

Whew!  2010 is the year to get hitched apparently!

A few pics to get you up to date.

Had a blast addressing and stuffing envelopes with Jordan, Andrea and Jake. Dropped those in the mail a couple weeks ago.  We've had a blast getting RSVPs in the mail and love reading notes you all have written for us!

The ring bearer's bowties arrived in the mail - absolutely a-dorable.  I can't wait for the little fellas to put these on!

Received a lovely package in the mail from my dear friend, Farrah.  She sent us these stunning champagne flutes as well as a matching cake knife and server!  I can't wait to toast with these on the wedding night!