Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 27

May 27.

Summer season has begun!

Had an amazing night tonight starting with my oh-so-precious niece, Claire.  She turned two  today!

We celebrated with cupcakes and girly presents.  Claire sat on my lap and spelled out her name.  No kidding, two years old and can spell her name.  So smart. So sweet.  Little man Caeden could not have been any sweeter to his baby sister.  Helping bear open her presents, letting her have the last bite of the frosting on his cupcake.  Kissing her forehead.  Oh how I love those two.

Ended the night with Miss Andrea's bridal shower!  It was hosted in the yard of a beautiful home, every detail was just so.

Raspberry lemonade in mason jars, hummus and veggies, cous cous and balsalmic chicken.  Red wine.  A family-style table in the middle of the yard.

Wedding season has begun!  The flow of events started today and continues until the end of August!  See below.

Can.  Not.  Wait!

June 5 - My bridal shower!
June 19 - Andrea and Jake's wedding
July 3 - Joanna and CJ's wedding
July 9 - Sarah and Derek's wedding
July 24 - Engagement party in Virginia
August 14 - Bachelorette Party
August 28 - I become Mrs. Jordan Kalinowski!

Let the fun begin . . .


Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Last week Mom, Val and I met with Wordshop in the Highlands to design Jordan and I's wedding invitation.  SO fun!

The three of us sat down with our minds set on exactly how the invitations should look.  The poor woman working with us was, well, less prepared for my decisiveness.  Apparently the other bride-to-be's she had worked with were a bit less opinionated than I was.  :)

As she flipped through binder after binder of invitation examples, looking for the perfect font, an exact color I wanted, a paper I had in mind, the sound of bustling paper started to stress the three of us out.

 So, we left.

We ate lunch.  Apparently we were just hungry.  (It's in the genes, we get cranky when we're not fed.)

After lunch, Mom and I headed back to Wordshop with a clear head and picked out paper, colors, and fonts.  Elinor was super-sweet to work with and I can't tell you how much fun it is to design your own invitations!

My invitation design was sent in to a local designer, Lucky Onion, who have been featured in everything from Martha Stewart Weddings to NBCs The Today Show.  Though I knew they would do a fabulous job, I've anxiously awaited the first proof and have agonized over the details of the invitations.

Did I choose the right fonts? 

The color?  The size?  Should I have chosen a different envelope?

Today, after work I spotted an email from Wordshop in my inbox.  The proof had arrived!  I can't wait to get the invitations in the mail and for you to see how fun they are!

In the meantime . . .  here is a sneak peak.

(Hint, this is the Denver skyline)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Save the Date

I couldn't resist.

Here are the gorgeous Save the Date's Val created for us!

F I N A L L Y  printed them last night.  200+ Save the Date's to address by, well, tonight.

Marriage class on Thursday.

Heading to Buffalo for the future Mr. and Mrs. Godber engagement party on Friday night.

Musical-church-thing on Sunday in Casper.  Arrive back in Denver late Sunday night.

Boss arrives at 7:30a.m. Monday morning.

My blood pressure is rising as I type this.

When!  Might I ask?  Is there going to be a thing called Engagement Leave of Absence (paid of course) from work?  Hm?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Something for {o u r} hair

Val sent a fabulous find over to me last night from {rosebudlips} @  [etsy].

Debating between having a vintage clip or one of these in my hair.

Thinking the girls would look fabulous with one in their hair, too.  {Each a different color to match their solid bouquets}  See previous post here.

Or possibly a necklace?

Also, one for Claire.  (Am I getting carried away, here?)

Oh and I'll of course need a few headbands for the weekends, too.

And check out her garters!  So sweet.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Gourmet Garter

Who knew garter's could be well, something other than, a bit tacky?

Who knew they could be a little classy?  Vintage.  G i r l y.

Stumbled upon this cute little site today {The Garter Girl} and found these garters.

The first in my favorite.  I know it looks like a little girl's headband, but I love it!  I'm not sexy, people.