Wednesday, July 21, 2010

His Ring

This week I picked up Jordan's  wedding ring  from Jared's.


It felt so good leaving the store with it in my hand.  As I was walking out, I wondered how Jordan felt when he was doing the same thing with my engagement ring.

I got home and just stared at the ring for awhile.  Tried it on.  (Hey, why not?)  Then, when Jordan got off work that night I proposed.  :)  Not nearly as nerve-racking as the real proposal was for him, I'm sure.
Tonight Jordan tried the ring on again and wore it around the house for awhile.  I think he may be more excited for  August 28th than I am?

No, impossible. Though I can't wait to see that ring on his hand, either.


Destine said...

hopefully he will not lose his like your brother did. He has been through 2, maybe I should try one with diamonds on it.

I can't wait to see you guys on that day, I am tearing up as I think about it.

foof said...

aw, too cute!

Lindsay said...

LOL! Jordan loses everything! Hopefully the ring is an exception....

Can't wait to see you guys!!