Friday, July 16, 2010


Ah, fellow blog readers! I'm amazed you're still reading, I have seriously slacked on blogging the past month.  Been a bit busy with Mr. and Mrs. Godber, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, and Mr. and Mrs. Iversen's weddings.

Whew!  2010 is the year to get hitched apparently!

A few pics to get you up to date.

Had a blast addressing and stuffing envelopes with Jordan, Andrea and Jake. Dropped those in the mail a couple weeks ago.  We've had a blast getting RSVPs in the mail and love reading notes you all have written for us!

The ring bearer's bowties arrived in the mail - absolutely a-dorable.  I can't wait for the little fellas to put these on!

Received a lovely package in the mail from my dear friend, Farrah.  She sent us these stunning champagne flutes as well as a matching cake knife and server!  I can't wait to toast with these on the wedding night!

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foof said...

Aww, Love YOU!