Sunday, July 18, 2010

the weather

The two-week run of 100 degree weather has me a bit worried for our  outdoor  reception in August. I'm hoping you're all not melting in the sun at 5 o'clock.  This may lead you to down a few more mojitos than you might normally.  (Maybe not such a bad thing?)

Also hoping it doesn't rain. (Don't worry, we have a backup if it does...)

Which led me to my final idea, what if it is actually a bit  chilly  later in the night?  

We might need these to stay cozy by the fire pit.
Found at ikea for $3.49 per throw!  (A steal, I know!)  Thinking I could tie a cute ribbon and tag around these and display in a basket for the ladies!


Valerie Koop said...

IKEA rocks.
Great post!

Linda said...

Just remember, rain on your wedding day means luck in your marriage :) ... it rained on our Pittsburgh wedding (during our outdoor ceremony), it was romantic, funny, amazing, beautiful, cozy, everything I could have asked it to be. So, should it rain on your big day, embrace it and think of all the luck you and Jordan will have in your lifetime :)