Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hair Ideas

I've had a set image in my head of how I want my hair to be for the day of the wedding.

Hasn't changed a bit.  Haven't budged.

Half up.  Big barrel loose curls (not prom style and over-hairsprayed).

With a chunky vintage clip where the hair comes together.  And possibly a birdcage veil.  

{Pictures from Project Wedding}

Any brides have any experience with down hair-dos?  Is having your hair down a recipe for flat, limp hair by the end of the night?  (And bad pictures to boot?)

(Abby, I know you're reading this...)



Abby said...

Yes! I am reading! I love first pic. As long as the humidity isn't bad I don't think you have to worry about flat hair. I totally dig the birdcage veil. Always have! But I wouldn't get too "accessorized" you don't want to take away from your gorgeous dress. So if you do both veil, and comb I would simplify the comb. But whatever you do it's going to be awesome!!!!!

Lindsay said...

My favorite is the first too! Followed closely by the 6th.

Good points about the veil AND the birdcage veil....

Anonymous said...

Are the 1st and 6th pictures the same girl? Look at the little loopy thing where the hair is's strikingly similar.

Either way, both are lovely. I like the 4th and 5th...the poofy in front. But I totally see you pulling off something more like the 7th...not so "done."
I think your hair has enough natural body and texture that you can pull off this look. Unlike myself, who required 100 bobby pins and an entire can of hairspray, and my baby fine hair somehow managed to find a way to slip out AND come uncurled :)

Have fun moving (riiiiight)!


Dee said...

Hey! It's stevi! I decided to start a blog. haha I got bored and I'm looking for ppl to give me advice. Love your blog! You're so cute! Nice hair idea, I think I may do that with my hair or a low bun.....not sure yet. Mantilla veils are so hard to find a hairstyle with!!! :( Hope all is well! TTYL