Thursday, December 2, 2010

An Excuse

I went to Target yesterday to attempt to recreate the photograph from my last entry . . . golds and soft ivories, sparkle and subtlety.

Though I didn't recreate the picture as I had hoped, I started grabbing other ornaments that caught my eye. 

Vintage-looking ornaments with the twelve days of Christmas, a huge, heavy, sparky {s i n g l e} silver ornament that my Mom gave me a few years ago {still my favorite ornament},  more  more more
twinkly lights.  And.  A mistletoe.  

Below - loving that you can see the reflection of me crouching on the ground trying to catch a proper shot that does the ornament justice.  Meanwhile, J, snooping over the couch to see what I'm up to. 

Our first ornament, a gift from Cindy.
Mistletoe . . . as if I needed another excuse to kiss my husband . . .
I can see the Charlie Brown tree becoming a tradition for J and I.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the K's house.
 A bit of cheer is just what we needed around here . . .


Mom said...

I love it all Lindsay! So Cute!!

That Fresh Feeling said...

hi there. stumbled across your blog. love the decorations for Christmas. and the mistletoe. we have some real mistletoe that we got from papersource this year. i haven't started decorating yet- this weekend i will.

anyway- just wanted to say hello and have a great weekend dear!