Friday, June 11, 2010

A Presentation

I received a package in the mail today from Wordshop.

Inside was a stack of gorgeously wrapped envelopes.  Yes, envelopes.  It's amazing how excited a bride-to-be can get over anything having to do with the wedding.

We received our envelopes in advance of the invitations so I can get a head start on addressing the envelopes!  Brilliant.

The invitations are a non-traditional size {for invitations} they are the dimensions of a traditional letter envelope.  I was nervous about this at first -- mainly  because of the envelope.  I didn't want our invitations to arrive in the mail looking like another piece of average-joe mail . . . or worse . . . a  b i l l.  How would I be able to make our invitation stand out?

Well, you start with the envelope, of course.
A cute little detail, such as how the envelope opens, can make all the difference.

Then, the stamp.
And finally, stamped and sealed with our address.

Ah, the details of stationary.  This is exciting stuff, people.

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foof said...

Love your address stamp!! You're SO cool, Linz!! I love you!