Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Style

Jordan and I picked out our first Christmas Tree over the weekend.

J always grew up with a Charlie Brown tree standing tall in their living room - so I wasn't surprised when he picked out the most sparse tree I've ever seen.

There's just something about tradition that sticks, isn't there?

Here's our meager little guy.  It looks tiny up there!  Makes me laugh out loud.  But it fits perfectly in our little cabin of a home, actually.

Even so . . . I'm having problems decorating it.  Because we only have a few (well, two actually) ornaments that have a lot of meaning to us, I feel like I need a theme for the tree.

So what do I do, but, google "Christmas Tree inspiration"?

Stumbled upon this gorgeous take on Christmas decorating.

Found via The Style Files

I need to re-create this feel.

Thinking about sticking with silver, gold, and ivory; then using twine as garland.

A few more inspiration finds from Pottery Barn.


Anonymous said...

Favorite blog entry to date.
You two are so dang cute.

Your first Christmas together.



Lindsay said...

Val - I love you.