Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Dress

I've had my dress hanging on my closet door for a good part of the past week.

Zipped up of course.

(Again, forgive my iPhone photo quality)

But poor Jordan.  Temptation to look at the dress doesn't get any harder than when it's hanging on a closet in the hallway!

Finally today I had my fitting appointment - Andrea and I went to a place in Arvada called The Wedding Seamstress.  And this lady is THE wedding seamstress.   And totally affordable!  I am so relieved to have this taken care of!

Next on the list is designing invitations.  My vision is simple and clean.  With a big flower in the corner with a pop of color.  Val recommended a few at Paper Source.  See below.  You can also order the pink flower as a stamp which is brilliant - we could carry the graphic throughout other items for the wedding.

Andrea found this fabulous printing store in Littleton (can't remember the name) - I am hoping to take some design ideas to the store this weekend or next week.  If anyone has a simple flower graphic in mind, send it my way please!



Anonymous said...

hey linz .....still haven't heard WHEN the big day is ! ran across a cute web site called PlumParty - not sure what you are looking for but they had some cute things. How are you ? Am sure busy busy busy ! And Jordan ? Wishing you both the very best. Keep in touch. love ya aunt pam

Anonymous said...

Hello Pam - call and I'd be glad to share the details with you!

linz.nelson said...

Hey Pam! The big day is August, 28. We can't wait! I am going to google PlumParty, thanks for the idea!

Give Uncle Tom a hug for me, and Jordan says hi!