Monday, March 8, 2010


I am a total blog-slacker lately!

Was on The Knot reading over my "to-do" list tonight and hyperventilated over how much I have not done (that, according to the list, I should have done two months ago).

Cannot believe we've been engaged for almost 3 months!

Need to get my butt in gear - with blogging and actual wedding planning!

More later.

In the meantime, I hope you find humor in the picture below! (Forgive the horrible quality.  I took a picture of the Denver Post with my iPhone - I recommend clicking on the picture for a close-up!)

This is of Jordan and I at Sloan Lake halfway through the race to be Hitched in the Highlands!  The look on our faces cracks me up!  

Jordan's sheer look of determination.

The look of horror on my face.


Valerie Koop said...


This cracks me up every time!!

Abby said...

linz, thats too funny. i wish you guys would have won!!

linz.nelson said...

LOL! I know. Good laugh. Would be more (or less?) funny if we would have won! Totally rigged!

I feel like a poor sport. :)

foof said...

hahaha! linz, this is too funny! This is awesome, how fun!