Monday, November 22, 2010

Home Making

On Friday I drove past a sign on the way home from work outside of a nunnery.
"Craft Sale, Holiday Gift Baskets, Baked goods, & more!"
Naturally, I was intrigued.  And, I need to support the local nuns, of course.

Not two seconds later my phone was ringing, it was Andrea.  She was on her way to my house to pick me up and off we headed to this (most likely) huge craft sale!  Surely I was going to find baskets full of holiday goodies.

As we walk in with anticipation of what we're going to find, we talk about what we need.  Gift baskets for coworkers?  Holiday wreaths?  Maybe we'll see something that inspires a craft day . . .

Instead, we walk in, and see . . . junk.  Tables full of garage sale items.  And, overcooked cookies.

Oh, nuns . . .

We couldn't leave empty-handed.  Now, we felt obligated (bad word choice?) - yearned to support the nunnery.

Just as we're about to leave we stumble upon a wire photo-holder.  {Not the best description}.  There were two left, we grabbed both and headed to the cashier.

With no price tag on either item, we pull out a $10, expecting to pay at least $5 dollars.  Oh no, far from. The sweet nun rang us up at . . .

.50 cents.

For both.

We walked out of there feeling like we robbed a group of nuns.

So, here is my steal of a deal.  Put an old picture of sweet grammy in it.

In other news, I got a package in the mail from Mom today.  Inside were some of the postcards guests signed at the wedding.  (We gave them to Mom to mail to us though out the year as a reminder of our wedding.)

Also inside were a set of three homemade tags with old-fashioned images of a fork, spoon, and a knife from {Paper Source} over at Etsy.  Needing some decoration for our dining room, I put them in a frame and wha-la!  Instant art.


cbenedick said...

love your blog Linz!! Love the tags and grams!!

Lindsay said...

Thanks Mom :)

foof said...

hahah, linz-you are way too funny! love you!!! miss you and happy thanksgiving to you and the fam! xo