Monday, February 8, 2010

All in Denver

Lindsay - take a look at this post. All in Denver. All vendors listed.
LOOK at that bow. Is it wrong that I want to wear it?!?

Look - she's wearing his tie. How uber sexy is that?!

Found here: Style Me Pretty


linz.nelson said...

I KNOW! Isn't this cute? And guess where this was shot at . . . the Clock Tower downtown. Which Jordan ogles everytime we walk down 16th Street. And guess what else - they rent the space for wedding receptions.

Not changing my mind on the Heritage Todd Golf Club . . . just thinking about checking out the clock tower :)

Also! This shoot was the same shoot I found the beautiful flower bouquet in my last post! The florist is here in Denver.

linz.nelson said...

AND the tie around her neck!!! You're right! I want that shot!

Might be needing you to recreate some of these shots afterall.....