Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Splash of Color to Keep Me Warm

Should be working right now but I'm waiting for a few packages of samples to be delivered. He gave me a 2 hour window of 8-10a.m. Ri-dic-ulous! So what does a girl do? Blog, of course.

A few updates:
  • Pretty much set on the Heritage Todd Creek Golf Club as the reception site - working on the menu to finalize the logistics and date.
  • Also found a beautiful church fairly close to HTCGC - the staff was amazingly friendly and we are coordinating our marriage classes now!
  • .....Unless we win Hitched in the Highlands on Sunday (totally will)
  • And if that happens, I no longer have to worry about any of this!
Regardless of where we get married, I figure I am going to need a cute lil' cardigan to keep me warm at the reception. An easy way to add in color without getting anxiety and changing my mind. :)

All Cardigans @ Anthropologie

What do you think? Too casual? Should I look for something dressier? Ideas?

I SO wish I could post a picture of my beautiful dress on the blog. My lovely fiance reads my blog (Aww!) and I would die if he saw it.

But just a hint. It is a Melissa Sweet.


foof said...
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foof said...

Hi Linz! I love the fuchsia cardigan! great idea!

linz.nelson said...

Foof! LOL! I love your blogging name :)

foof said...

Thanks!! I don't know why my pic is suddenly cutting off! xo!

Anonymous said...

My wedding dress was Melissa Sweet too! Sweet describes every one of her dresses!


linz.nelson said...

They ARE! Love every style. And even better - another bride-to-be bought (my) dress and never came back to pick it up. So I got my dress for a fraction of the cost!