Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love Bird Bowl

Here is an alternative to the traditional ring bearer pillow. (Which you never use again after the wedding day.) Or - as I type this I may have bitten my tongue. Do we give the ring bearer pillow to the ring bearer as a keepsake? I'm not sure.

But this topic brings up a valid mention - Jordan and I have 9 - NINE - nephews! Nine! Several of which are at the perfect age to be the perfect sweetest little ring bearer. How do we choose?! Exactly. We don't. Thinking about having all of them as the ring bearers. Brilliant solution because I love them all dearly.

So because of this decision - this means we couldn't have just one of the little guys keep the ring bearer pillow.

Which brings me back to my initial point. An alternative to the pillow.

A personalized ceramic bowl! I can already see this sitting on our bathroom counter after we're married as a sweet reminder of our wedding day, and something memorable to place jewelry in at the end of the day.

Designed by Elm Studios @ etsy.


Valerie Koop said...

I could not think of anything more perfect.
Absolutely adorable and just ... it.

Anonymous said...

You girls are having so much fun with this...I love it! If you decide to go with this idea I bet Timree could paint up something cute and personal that would make a great keepsake. Just Google Timree Gold...she's the one who painted Claire's plate.


linz.nelson said...


What a beautiful idea! I was just on the website - now, do you know Timree?

Anonymous said...

She is a friend on my in-laws in California. Everyone in the family has at least one of her pieces. Her work is so cute and shec an add liitle touches that make it so personal. Certainly don't feel obligated...just a suggestion!