Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hitched in the Highlands

Just a quick update on Hitched in the Highlands.


We didn't . . .

Just kidding.

We were chosen!!!! (Did I have ya fooled there? Even for a second?)
Jordan and I were 1 of 10 couples chosen to compete to be Hitched in the Highlands!
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The race through the Highlands is Sunday, February 28 at 9a.m. (fans welcome). I'm thinking over the next week I'll be watching a lot of re-runs of the Amazing Race. We. Must. Win.

The winning couple will win a wedding worth over $22,000 (No, that's not a typo) and the oh-so-generous-amazing-adorable folks that are donating the prizes include:

5280 Magazine, Anna Be, David Lynn Photography, Happy Cakes, The Wedding Seamstress, Fries the Moment Design, Kiran Browner, Kismet, Highlands Smiles, Little Man IceCream, Lola, Love Hair, Magnolia Hotel, Mile High Station, Mondo Vino, Fallico Wine, Plum Sage Florist, Pout Beauty, Road Runner Sports, Tootsies, Rebelle, Wordshop.

I KNOW, right? Long-winded list! Let the games begin!


Anonymous said...

Ok...I think I figured out how to order to fulfill your request. Am I really that old? Wow. This competition sounds amazing! I am crossing my fingers you guys will win it. What an incredible opportunity. I guess there benefits to living in the "big" city. How exciting! (this is Kelly btw...couldn't quite figure out the profile thing)

linz.nelson said...

Thanks Kell! LOL! No, you're not that old! I wonder why people don't comment and it's because they make it so difficult!