Friday, February 12, 2010

Hitched in the Highlands

There is a competition going on in Denver called Hitched in the Highlands - a competition between ten couples who race through The Highlands {hip trendy fun neighborhood in Denver} following clues to a final {unknown} location. The first couple who finishes wins a wedding worth over $20,000!

We applied today! We each had to answer questions like:
  • What went through your mind the first time you spoke to your fiance?
    How did you know your fiance was the one
  • What was the worst experience you ever went through with your fiance?
  • Why should we pick you to compete to be Hitched in the Highlands?

Whew! Hopefully our answers are clever and our personalities shine through!

I turned our application into Happy Cakes Bakeshop this morning - they have the best cupcakes in Denver hands down. Which happens to work out brilliantly because I loathe wedding cake. And love cupcakes. Jordan is partial to ice cream cake and I'm thinking we'll just have to sneak in an old fashioned Dairy Queen icecream cake to the reception. :)

We find out whether or not we were chosen on Monday and the actual race is F e b r u a r y 2 8 , 2 0 1 0

Keep your fingers crossed for us!
{More of this photo session by Val Koop here}


Valerie Koop said...

Team Kalson!

linz.nelson said...

Now THAT's clever!

Anonymous said...

We found out we were picked! Are you in the race too?!?!
Good Luck!

linz.nelson said...

Congratulations! Yes we are in the race, too! How did you find my blog?! :)

Greg said...

Great race, great competitors! Tami and I won the race back in Feb, and had our wedding last night. It was great! Quite sure there will be some pics on soon.