Monday, February 8, 2010


Val bought me the latest Martha Stewart Wedding magazine yesterday and there is the cutest article about a DIY wedding - on a $9000 budget! Just my style. The article inspired me to look into DIY boutonnieres.

And by DIY I mean buy someone elses DIY creativitity.

Talked to Jordan about my plan - he thinks this is brilliant! Below is the boutonniere that initially caught his eye
Found via etsy here.

Also found these:
Found via etsy here.
Found via etsy here.
{my favorite so far} Found via etsy here.

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Valerie Koop said...

I absolutely LOVE them. Especially the last ones, so dang cute!

I was watching a video tutorial on how to make them this morning. Waste of time as I:

1. Don't want to sew.
2. Can't sew.
3. Do not own a sewing machine even if didn't want to or couldn't.